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    Default MWF Upper Body/ Still figuring out Lower body and abs. Critique? Thanks!

    Hey everybody!

    The following is my routine so far:


    3x10 Seated Bench Press
    3x10 Lat Pull Downs
    3x10 Tricep Pushdowns
    3x10 Seated Rows
    3x10 Dips
    3x10 Butterflys
    3xMax Chinups

    I'm filling up Tuesday and Thursdays with a jump rope circuit for now, until I can find a decent lower body and abs workout.

    I'm limited in the fact that I don't have a gym, but I have a machine at home and this is what I put together. I also have a pull up bar.

    My Goals are too build muscle, get sculpted. I guess that'd everyone's goals though, right?

    Anyways, let me know what you think, and what I can improve! Thanks!

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    maybe something for the shoulders
    as for legs/lower body - you should consider squat variations and possibly a hip hinge



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