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    Default Female powerlifter, calories

    I am nearly 17, 5ft 5.5", around 125lbs. I powerlift/ lift heavy 4-5x a week, and do HIIT 3-4x.
    Long story short, I had an eating disorder abit over a year ago and was 90lbs. I got my act together, fell in love with lifting and my life is changed!

    The catch is, a few months ago I stopped counting calories all together. I had been counting since I was 11 and it completely caused my eating disorder. My therapist, family, and self think it is best to eat healthfully and intuitively...

    That being said, I do eat VERY healthy. No refined sugar, no gluten, mostly organic, all home made. I eat carbs/protein pre and post workout as recommended, and other than that just eat the macronutrient I am craving, when I am hungry.

    Im wondering... Is it POSSIBLE to achieve a great physique/strength without counting? I also am currently training for a powerlifting meet in November.

    How does my intake today look?

    Fresh fruit (1/2 banana, orange and berries)
    2 eggs
    Almond milk

    Carrots and hummus

    Post workout:
    1/2 banana and almond butter

    2 turkey thighs sautéed in coconut oil
    Carrots and celery sautéed w meat
    Medium baked potato and salsa

    Another potato, with nutritional yeast and vinegar (sounds gross, totally good!)
    1 avocado

    gf mug brownie with coconut flour, flaxseed, almond milk, stevia
    Tbsp peanut butter
    1/2 banana
    Almond milk

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    You can certainly build a good physique without calorie counting and many have. Just eat healthy and clean and be mindful of your weight. If it seems like you're gaining too much fat eat a little less. If you aren't gaining muscle then eat a little more. It's not rocket science.

    The only thing I have to say about your diet is you need more protien. Especially as an aspiring powerlifter. I would add some sort of protien to your post workout and some protien to your dinner. You don't need a gram of protien per lb like many advocate but try to get at least .5 grams per lb. You a find that you need more than that but that's something you'll have to experiment and see for yourself. I personally only eat like 150 to 175 grams of protien a day and it suits me fine at a bodyweight of ~190.
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