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    Default JD's Gym Fat Bar Championships (November 15th)

    All axle bar, all the time. This will be a powerlifting/strongman hybrid competition using the axle bar and Jeep tires for all three events/lifts.

    Event One: Axle Bar Back Squat for reps (60 second time cap).

    Event Two: Axle Bar overhead press for reps (60 second time cap.)

    Event Three: Axle Bar Max Deadlift (last man standing style)

    Scoring will be done just like a strongman contest where the winner of each event receives one point for every competitor in his/her class, second place one point less than that ,etc. In the event of a tie, the competitor with the highest deadlift wins.

    The cost to enter is $25 which includes a competition T-Shirt. Entries must be received by Oct. 31st. After that a $5 late fee is added and a T-Shirt can not be guaranteed.


    Novice Women
    Open Women
    Novice Men Lightweight (under 200lbs)
    Novice Men Heavyweight (201lbs and up)
    Open Lightweight Men (under 200lbs)
    Open Heavyweight Men (201lbs and up)
    Masters Men (40 years old+)
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