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    Default Critique my supplements and suggest others

    Mostly want feedback on supplements

    Protein shake-2 scoops nitro-tech performance series mixed with 10 ounces 0% milk
    1 scoop of muscle tech platinum creative supplement added in

    muscle tech essential series platinum vitamin supplement

    Muscle tech amino build (suggested 2 hours before on container)

    Pre-workout drink (workout 5:45)

    What can I add or do differently? I see lots of suggested products but many seem to overlap with things in my shake. I want to maximize my workout and money and calories without taking tons of things that all do the same thing.

    My goals are to be as strong as possible using non-banned supps. I'm not world class by any means, but have big goals. Bench around 345, have back issues occasionally which limit squatting and deadlifts, so also open to good supps for that.
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    No point in using an amino product unless you are using it for fasted training or dosed between meals 4-6 hours apart

    I would just stick to the essentials, adding more does not help unless diet and training are 100% in check.

    A good Whey (PES, Cellucor, Scivation, Animal Whey, MT Platinum, Blue Star Whey Smooth / Iso-Smooth)
    A Good Creatine at 3-5g on workout days no need to load or cycle (Universal, ON, Cellucor, Allmax, primaforce,
    A Good Fishoil at 2-3g EPA/DHA Daily like OxiOmega
    A good Multi such as Orange Triad or Animal Pak or’s Multi
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