Blue Star Whey Smooth Chocolate Covered Banana

First of all a big thank you to Team Punishment for sending me two samples to try out!


Chocolate Covered Banana With the two samples I used one for baking and the other mixed in yogurt to make a protein pudding (Sludge). Mixed into the yogurt the Chocolate is overpowering to the banana, which has a lingering aftertaste. The banana is dense and compliments the chocolate very well. The chocolate is very rich more along the lines of a Hershey bar with dark chocolate and then the aftertaste of the banana follows. I would consider this a 70/30 ratio of chocolate to banana, which suits the name correctly as Chocolate Covered Banana and not a banana chocolate where the banana overpowers the chocolate. After trying milk & Cookies and Choc PB Cup I would have to rate this their best flavor. They did a great job with no artificial flavoring or overpowering banana flavor. This really hits the spot and is solid in both baking and in protein pudding.


6oz Yogurt + 1 scoop whey (1 sample pack) and it mixed very simple. This is not a thick/dense protein powder and it dissolves very easy. Other reviews I have seen that utilize protein shakes have no problems with making this at all.

While baking I mixed with pancake mix, Splenda, baking powder, SF/FF Pudding mix, vanilla extract, 1 egg, 2 whites, and 1/3 cup almond milk and when using a hand mixer it dissolved no problems. There were no particles or whey sticking to the side of the mixing bowl and formed a better in a heartbeat. Whey Smooth is a very clean and easily mixing protein powder.


Right to the point 2g Fat, 4g Carbs, 27g Protein you are getting your money worth per serving with the amount of protein you get. Not to mention you are getting the purest forms of WPH, WPI, WPC, Casein and Egg protein (Which is very expensive on the market) which is another reason the next thing I am going to mention (Cost) is a bit higher per serving due to the raw materials used to make up this product.


~60$ for a 4lb tub. Yes it may be steep but again look at the formula, look at the raw materials you are paying for and what you are getting. A quality product on todays market will not be cheap for something that meets label claims, tastes good, and is effective. Combine that with superior flavoring and you have a reason why Blue star is a very under the radar company that does not get enough recognition.