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    Thumbs up Perfect diet (or is it!)

    Hi guys, I am using a weigh-less eating plan (similar to your weight watchers) but not losing enough weight (only 3.3kg thus far), or seeing much result on my body although I have been eating clean and training strict for my 4th week now. I suspect it is either too much overeating on my day off or eating only at 8PM every night due to training from 18:30 to 19:30.

    My stats:
    (1) 1.73m
    (2) 104kg
    (3) 35
    (4) Goal to drop 1kg a week.
    (5) 6 days training a week - 3 cardio, 3 weight training
    (6) Diet: 6 days a week: Breakfast: 20g oats and protein scoop. Snack: yogurt and apple. Lunch: chicken salad sandwich. Snack: meal replacement shake. Dinner: lean meat, carbs and veg.

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    1. There's no such thing as "clean eating" in terms of fat loss. There's calories in and calories out. All calories are equally clean or dirty.
    2. You've lost nearly 8 pounds in a month. That's already a little faster than you should be dropping weight. There is a ceiling as to how much body fat you can lose- it's around 31 kcals per pound of body fat in a 24 hour period in a perfect lab setting. In the real world, it's closer to 25 kcals in a real-world setting. Weight lost beyond that is water, muscle, other soft tissue, etc., but not fat.
    3. Just eyeballing it, your diet seems way low in kcals and carbohydrates. Do you know how many total kcals and grams of protein, carbs, and fat you're consuming daily?
    Donít chase the 1%, there is no magic training routine or diet thatís going to provide any measurable results over the basic principles for getting huge and strong: Train heavy, eat and sleep more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EKnight View Post
    1. There's no such thing as "clean eating" in terms of fat loss. There's calories in and calories out. All calories are equally clean or dirty.
    Team ScoobyPrep



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