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Thread: Mocha!!!

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    Default Mocha!!!

    Slow day at work today, which has caused my greatest diet revelation ever... whey protein Mocha! Why did I never think of this before, sat on my desk is a jar of fairly pleasant instant coffee, and in my desk drawer is a gigantic bag of chocolate whey protein. Tired and hungry for chocolate... DING

    Tips: Mix the whey protein and coffee with a little cold water until it forms a fine paste before adding boiling water or it'll curdle.

    Oh my god this tastes awesome.

    I favour the kind of instant coffee that has extremely fine granules (do you get that in America, it's like a powder), mixes very well with the whey and water.

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    That sounds ace. I've tried heating up the mocha flavoured whey mixed with milk before... it was not pleasant.



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