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    Default Not an exact diet but the general "jist"

    Just getting back into things and started using IIFYM again (as it really worked for me in the past)

    I'm 5'9, 78KG, about 25% BF maybe a bit less at a guess.

    I'm eating currently 2550 cals on a very moderate bulk only working out 4 maybe five times a week for an hour. Trying to recomp more than bulk as I'm a bit out of shape.

    Breakfast usually consists of mainly fruit but time allowing I'll get some eggs in the pan using no cal oil and put it between some whole wheat toast no sauce usually but if I do 5ml at most sugar free. Some mornings I give in and go for cereal/oats with honey if it's made for me but if I do I'll adjust my meals in the day to balance the macros.

    Lunch is difficult for me but time allowing I'll make up a salad with around 200g-300g chicken, some bulgur wheat or rice (bulgur cooked in stock and with a dab of tomato purée, amazing!). I'll usually pack a banana or some bio yoghurt as well.

    Dinner is cooked in turns between me and the other half so is usually chicken and rice, or Spag Bol with lean mince, occasionally a steak with some sweet potato wedges, just healthy(er) and higher protein versions of normal meals. Try to replace a lot of bad carbs if I can with brown rice instead of white etc. Not ideal but it's not just my choice. Eat a lot of pasta and veg usually but try and get some lean meat in there as well.

    Try to train later at night as I go to a pure gym and well I guess that's pretty self explanatory. Usually 9pm, before I go I have 5g BCAA, 5g Creatine in water, when I return I put the same measures again into a shake, and depending on my goals at the time I either use just Whey in 30g measures at around 70 cals plus milk 25g protein in semi skimmed milk, or Mass Gain the brand I use provides around 320cals plus milk and has around 25g again and the rest in mainly carbs/little bit of fat.

    Don't take any other supps, in fact if I can hit my macros without the shake I will as I prefer it.

    I usually work to percentages to make it easy to work out on the go, and tie it to my protein number. If I get 1g per lb of lean mass it usually works out 30-35% of my cals and the rest counts for 50% carbs and 20% fat.

    Down sides are although I hit the three main macros my sodium, sugar levels are higher than they should and I don't get the vits I should every day. I also drink no where near enough water, apart from maybe two 500ml bottles during training and another in the day if I get the chance. I do eat some chocolate here and there but I manage to fit it in macros. I also have a takeaway at the end of the week but again, I'll try and fit it in as best I can rather than 'cheating'

    That's about it, feel free to tell me I'm doing everything wrong 😂

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    Dont forget "essential fats" in your diet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug View Post
    Dont forget "essential fats" in your diet

    Fats are Essential, just like protein
    Fats are beneficial for your hormones.
    Long term low fat diets = cause damage on your health.
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