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    Default Should I do a personal training course?

    Hi, I've been doing MMA for years now and have gotten pretty good at it. For the past few months I've been taking lessons at the gym I train at.

    I want to become a personal trainer and get paid to teach people MMA as well as go running with them to improve their cardio.

    I was wondering if I should just go straight into business as an MMA instructor, or if first I should do a personal training course and get a recognized and accredited PT qualification?

    I've heard there are some benefits of having a recognized personal training certificate when it comes to sorting out stuff like limited liability insurance and finding gyms and health clubs that will rent you space to give lessons in.

    Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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    You could do either or. The MMA / Cert for a PT would be different though
    depends on what you want or do both.
    Team ScoobyPrep

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    It's a very good and complex question !

    To become a very good trainer (MMA/ PT/ other type of trainer) you have to learn a lot, practice a lot, have good comunications skills, a lot of patience and ambition. It's a very complex road. Try to search on the internet or in your area good examples and sources from where you could learn about this thing.

    And another idea: don't combine those 2 types of training because they are very different and you can't focus properly to become very skilled/good at both of them.

    Don't mix contact sports training with personal training. They have some things in comon but that's all.

    So i think it's not necessary to do a personal training course.
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