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    Default Critique me please :)



    C: 17

    D: build muscle

    E: 4 times per week

    meal1- 8am
    omlet poridge
    glass of milk

    meal2- 1pm
    rice+meat or chicken breast

    meal3- 5 pm
    sweet potatos-+meat


    meal 5- 9pm
    nuts and vegetables

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    That means nothing to anyone on here
    You dont list your calories
    you dont list your macros

    giving us food means no indication on portions,
    If you do not eat enough kcals you wont grow
    Looks like you lack some micronutrients and food sources
    Get some more potatoes (Potassium), Fruits, veggies (micronutrients)
    rotate in some protein in meal one (eggs)
    I would add some fat source and veggies/fruits to meal 2
    I would add protein to meal 5

    but there is no real reason to eat every 2 hours either your last 3 meals it would be better to space meals out 4-6 hours apart which aid muscle protein synthesis

    Eat in a caloric surplus, meaning eating more kcals than you need to maintain in order to gain muscle, size, and strength.

    Philosophies, Macro intake, training , and cardio articles for you to understand and help set up what you need to do before moving forward towards more supplements or advanced workout routines.
    Team ScoobyPrep



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