So heres my fight:

Hello my name is Michael Caulo, I am the president and founder of The Life of a Fighter Ltd. I myself am a life long martial artist and currently 27 years old. I started pursuing a career in MMA at 20 years old (I know late for a legit shot) dropped everything including school and moved to Las Vegas,NV to train at Xtreme Couture and Drysdale JJ. Mind you this was 2010 so Couture was still fighting and Drysdale had recently beaten Marcelo Garcia at ADCC absolute.

So at this point I am an amateur fighter with no real fights just a few smokers and a handful or grappling tournaments under my belt. I saw a lifestyle that I had never seen before in Las Vegas, the real life of a fighter grind and hustle at ground zero. Fighters lived in the gym, out of their car or packed in a small apartment to keep living costs as low as possible. This is when I realized i could share this lifestyle with the world to not only satisfy the blogger inside of me but to satisfy the entrepreneur and business person by monetizing the site with ads. As a young fighter it worked and I would make a extra $300-$500 per month which was HUGE at the time.

Eventually I was sponsored by prilosec otc had a manager and moved back to NY to focus even more on training by not working as much and focusing on fighting full time.

Between mma and kickboxing I went 4-0 then in my second mma fighter I broke my rib and herniated a disc in my back which I wouldn't find out until years later because of inaccurate MRI results and lack of awareness. I continued to fight injured for 2 more mma fights before pulling out the day before my last scheduled mma fight. To this day I am most upset about not pulling out of the fight but waiting until the day before, I knew I was injured and I was just hoping against all odds I would somehow be fine. Well I wasn't I knew it and basically decided to stop fighting at that point.

I turned my eyes to developing my corporation I created which was mainly used to make money selling ads for MMA Media and interviews I did locally and nationally. Eventually I merged my passion for health and martial arts into one and began our LOF fitness programs. I started running small studios and getting contracted by local schools to come in teach my program and train staff to do the same. Then I was contacted by the VP of UFC Gym Adam Sedlac to come in for a coaching position. After weighing my options I started my ufc gym journey. I started with corporate and moved around to a few franchise locations for 2 years before deciding to just run LOF and work for myself.

At this point we have developed into a Health and Fitness Brand that wants to educate, inspire and improve the lives of our audience with the best possible content, products and services. Just wanted to share that story with everyone and hope you guys can check out our company and hopefully we can add some value, inspiration, education and improvement to your life.

Whats your Fight? Share your story here and lets inspire, educate and improve peoples lives. It all starts with a story...