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Thread: Pls help.

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    Default Pls help.

    (Just transfer this post if im wrong where to put it)
    Im still a beginner.Its been 3 months now since i start working out. And i i cant feel a thing on my chest during wokrout. My form is still the same and i keep it right. The weights became heavier. But im not feeling anything like pump or anything.why is that happening? Am i doing it wrong? PLS HELP ITS REALLY BOTHERING ME.

    My workout for chest:
    Benchpress :
    415 (35lbs)
    Inclined benchpress
    415 (25lbs)
    Declined benchpress
    415 (35 lbs)
    Dumbellbench press
    415 (25 lbs)
    Inclineddumbell benchpress
    4x15 (25 lbs)
    Dumbell pullover
    4x15 (25-35 lbs)

    Nxt week i will try to just do dumbell and fly.
    Should i change it up? Suggestion workout?

    Note:my gym is small.i think there are only 6 machines in there for chest. So if possible that if you suggest pls focus more on not using machines. But anyway.THANKS IN ADVANCE ^_^

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    35 lbs for your barbell bench press and 25 lbs for your dumbbell press are really very light. Also 15 reps is more for endurance than muscle building. Normally one would start with an empty olympic bar which weighs 20 kg or 44 lbs and then increase the weight by +- 5 lbs every workout. Try increasing your weight and decreasing the amount of exercises you do. As a beginner doing flat, incline, decline barbell as well as flat dumbbell, incline dumbbell and then dumbbell pullovers is just way too much. Do something like flat barbell bench press and incline Dumbbell bench press and finish off with dumbbell flyes. Do 3 - 4 sets of 6 - 10 reps of the above exercises with a decent weight and I'll bet that you'll feel and see a difference.

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    Try to post a video with your execution form.

    The reasons in wich you thing you're stagnating could be multiple, between them is Peterk's advice.

    Learn as much as possible and try to be patient, 3 months is a short period of time.



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