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    Default Anyone have a clavicle fusion issue?

    I had been on roll training lifting and making progress up until a few months ago. I had building shoulder pain mainly on the right side. Anyhow when to sports ortho and got xrays and rx: was clavicle fusing to other shoulder bone from lifting and happens with age (Im 46). His diagnosis was 2 months off of lifting upper, PT. If still an issue try a cortisone shot. If still an issue do arthroscopic surgery to shave the clavice bone back up to 1.5 cm if needed to stop the grinding and fusing. He made it sound like this was inevitable and I probably should just have the surgery. I am not scared of the knife but view meds and surgery as a last resort.

    Anyhow has anyone had this and PT, better form, cortisone fixed where you didnt need to get surgery?

    Thanks for any insight.

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    try PT in your neck of the woods-MIchigan and see what they say, bring in all your questions, they should be able to determine if the injury can benefit from a conservative approach or not. remember if you get surgery this PT may be the one to get you back to normal, so nothing really lost. but time and possibly money for surgery. oh and pain!Post surgical pain might make it seem like no better till it dissipates.
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