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    Default Candito's linear program reset

    Hey everyone,

    I'm currently running Jonnie Candito's linear programme with good results so far. For anyone who doesn't know the routine it's an upper lower spilt with linear progression, and I'm doing the strength/control version, having two strength days and two control days a week.

    My question is.... I've hit failure on my bench press, so this week I've reset and dropped the weight ready to go again. But should I also drop the weight on the paused variation on the control day? I'm guessing you should otherwise my paused bench press (spoto press 6x4) will be the same weight as my normal bench press (3x6), and I know Jonnie says that the control days will be a lighter weight due to the reps being paused, and challenging but never in any real danger of missing a rep.

    Also as resetting after hitting failure is a kind of deload on that exercise/muscle group, I'm guessing the paused variation needs deloading too as it's essentially the same muscle group you're trying to deload.

    I think I've probably answered my own question, but am just looking for some clarification.


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