Hi M & S

I'm wanting to cut fat.

  • I'm female
  • 24 years old
  • 77KG
  • 165CM
  • I work 9 - 5 Monday to Friday
  • I work as an admin assistant so 99% of the day is spent behind a desk
  • I lift weights Monday - Friday (Monday Legs, Tuesday C & T, Wednesday B & B, Thursday Legs again, Friday Abs & Shoulders)
  • I occasionally do cardio for 20 minutes in the evening too (light jog/cross trainer)
  • I have a fitbit, trying to hit 10k steps a day at the moment

I like the flexibility of hitting my macros as it gives me a choice of what to cook and eat. I like meal prepping and cooking in bulk.

I don't like specific diets where I'm told exactly what to eat at each meal time - as I feel restricted and it makes me want to go out and binge which is where my problem lies.

I like tracking on myfitnesspal as it gives me flexibility with my healthy lifestyle - so I can fit some almond butter in for desert when I feel like it!

I've attached a screenshot below.

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My main questions are -

- For someone who has 40 minutes to workout in a morning and sits behind a desk all day, what should my calorie intake and macros % be? (On both days where I am training and on rest days)
- Can you give me any tips on how to avoid binge eating
- Any other fat loss tips for a female who is sat indoors for most of the day?