I have been lifting weights now for a few years, and before starting my first strength based program had built up reasonable strength for my size. I have been running Jonnie Candito's linear until I stalled even after resets, and then Greyskull for coming up to about a year. I am looking to move onto either Stronglifts, Texas Method, or Madcow, but am unsure which as I do not know if I should consider myself as a beginner or intermediate (I understand Strongliffts is more beginners, and the other two for intermediates).

Before starting a strength based program I was about 63kg, and for one rep maxes could bench 85kg, deadlift 100kg, and squat 100kg.

I am now at about 65kg, and my one rep max for bench is 97.5kg, deadlift 120kg, and squat 120kg. Although sickness kept me out the gym for 3 weeks recently and these states have dropped by 5-7.5kg each

With these stats would I be better doing a beginner or intermediate program?