Oh Yeah One Chocolate Birthday Cake


For a lot who have tried the Oh Yeah One bars they rave over the birthday cake. It is one of their top selling bars, so they decided to make a Chocolate flavor. Right off the bat the chocolate is more of a chocolate fudge then a pure milk chocolate. Its a bold tasting chocolate which combines the countless amount of sprinkles laced into the bar. If you are a chocolate fan these will be a hit, and may surpass the original birthday cake flavor. For many who enjoy a plain birthday cake flavor the original has an edge in birthday cake sweetness with the plain/vanilla base. Good bar? Absolutely, but if you are a chocolate fan this will take the cake over the original. The Dense chocolate flavor packs a punch and is tasty.


The texture of the Oh Yeah One Bars is a happy medium. It is not laffy taffy soft like Fit Elite bars, or Mission 1 bars, but it is not rock hard like some quest bars can come out to be. It has a very smooth texture, and cake like consistency for the inside. These bars get high reviews and ratings because they are soft, portable, and don't break your jaw. Neither too hard, nor too soft its a great balance for to eat right out of the wrapper or even microwave for a few seconds.


This is the OG Birthday Cake, the Chocolate ones have 1g more of protein and carbs
7g Fat, 25g Carbs, 22g Protein