Hey guys.

I have been trying to lose weight for a couple of months now.

Startet off with going from around 30% body fat to 20,5% i 2 months, with almost zero carbs and around 2900kcal

and then I had a month where I slacked off, with carbs- filled alot off my mucsle glycogen up again! but still clean with a few cheat days. around 2700kcal maybe lost around 0,2% fat

After this I started up again, and the last 14 days I have done 2300kcal with a carb up day after 10 days, and was thinking about doing a carb day every 10 days BUT BUT BUT....

I have lost 1,1kg fat and 700g musclemass in 14 days (thinking that it is muscleglycogen, because i have also lost 700g of body water) test from a INBoDY maschine.

My fat% is now 19,4% instead off 20,3%

I am training 3 days on, 1 off, 3 days on and no cardio!

1. "Push day"

2. "Pull day"

3. "Leg day"

4. off

5. Repeat

I am pretty happy about my fat loss but not my musclemass loss Now I am thinking maybe I should take a carb day every 5 days??? I dont want to lose that much muscle, even tho its propably muscleglycogen!

Any Suggestions, please help?

1. Should I do carbs every 5 day?

2. Which carbs on carb up day?

3. Do I need even more carbs on a carb day?

3. Should i turn up my KCAL intake from 2300 to maybe 2500/2600 and do some HIIT cardio and still do carb day every 5 or 10 days?

4. Should I replace some off my foods with others?

I am 26 years old



19,4% body fat (15,6kg)

my equilibrium intake is around 2600-2700kcal


Low carb day around 2300kcal doing this everyday except on my carb day:

Prot: 41% (235g)

Carbs: 26% (148g)

Fat: 33% (83g)


150g frozen berries

65g of sunflower seeds

1 scoop whey

Meal 2-3-4 divided in 3 meals but only brown rice in the meal after training

600g chicken

700g greens

20g almonds

50g brown rice

Meal 5 4 whole eggs

Shake after traning

1 scoop whey

40g carbs


High carb day around 3000kcal:

Prot: 33% (251g)

Carbs: 60% (444g)

Fat: 8% (28g)


150g frozen berries

1 scoop whey

50g oats

Meal 2-3-4 divided in 3 meals:

400g pasta

600g chicken

a bit of ketchup

Meal 5:

150g frozen berries

1 Scoop whey

Shake after training:

100g carbs

1 Scoop whey