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    Default >>PharmaFreak's VEGAN FREAK Giveaway! Hybrid Plant-Based Protein Powder<<

    PharmaFreak VEGAN FREAK - Hybrid Plant Based Protein Powder GIVEAWAY!

    Are you looking for an alternative to dairy-based proteins such as whey and casein?

    Do you want a protein powder that is truly 100 percent all-natural? VEGAN FREAK is the answer!

    It contains no artificial sweeteners and will not cause any undue stress on your digestive system.

    Each protein found in VEGAN FREAK is easily digested and causes no bloating*

    We're giving away 3 FREE Containers of PharmaFreak's Vegan Freak!

    To be eligible to win all you need to do is let us know why YOU can benefit from this product!

    Other Requirements:

    1. Post a Product Review and Rating in the M&S Store.
    2. Be "in the Green" with over 100 posts.
    3. Be over 18 years old with no health issues.
    4. USA mailing address.

    I'll keep this thread open for about 10 days at which point I'll choose the winners.

    Good luck!
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    Everyone should get in on this giveaway.
    The most overlooked aspect why someone should want this is because those who cannot take whey protein it will suit them. Vegan protein settles very easy, and mixes VERY thick. It works fantastic in baking and making thick protein powder.
    Hell of a giveaway here!
    Team ScoobyPrep



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