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    Default Loggers needed for SD Pharmaceuticals Fat Loss Stack!

    SD Pharmaceuticals is looking for a
    FEW GOOD LOGGERS to put our Fat Loss Stack
    to the test for 1 month and log their progress
    (at least 3x per week) on the MuscleAndStrength forums!

    Raspberry Ketone:


    Want to support FAT LOSS, control appetite, and improve body composition?

    We are looking for those who train hard, have a solid nutrition plan, and are looking for products to take their physique and performance to the NEXT LEVEL!

    To be eligible to be selected as a Logger just let us know why YOU can benefit from this stack, and send me a Private Message with the Info listed below!

    Loggers who are selected will be posted in this thread (will also receive a PM).


    1. Must have a USA Mailing Address.
    2. Must be 18+ years of age.
    3. Must be in the "greens" with at least 150 posts.
    4. Must be in good health with no known medical conditions.
    5. Must do a Full Log in the Sponsored Log section of M&S
    **Get Creative! Include pics, vids, show your personality, share your workouts, etc!
    6. Logs must be updated THREE TIMES per week (at least once a week about your training and how the supplements may have helped with it, and at least once a week about your diet/nutrition).
    7. Must complete a Product Review/Rating on the Muscle and Strength Product Review section AND in the M&S Store:

    If you are interested in this opportunity please PM me with the following info:

    *Full Name:
    *Full USA Mailing Address:
    *Phone #:
    *Do you agree to the requirements listed (Yes or No)?:
    *Do you have any known / suspected medical conditions (Yes or No)?
    *Current Goals:
    *Links to Other Logs you've done (if applicable):
    *Why do you want to try this product? Why should we choose you?

    I'll keep this opportunity open for about a week at which point I'll choose the loggers.

    Good luck![/b]
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    Get in on this people!
    I have been dieting for 3+ months and this stuff works.
    Team ScoobyPrep



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