Hi thanks for taking the time to look at my post. I hope this is the right place for this question as i am new to the forum. Im looking for some advice about how i could make my workout more effective for my goals, if there is anything to add or remove etc.

What i do and my goals
i currently train in HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) and Tae Kwon do (for fitness only). Im a little overweight after university and i am looking to increase my anaerobic endurance and lose some weight. My end goal is to start competing in HEMA tournaments by next year (2017). Basically im looking to be competition fit for fighting someone with a heavy sword.

I currently have access to max weight 20KG dumbbells a pull up bar and a rowing machine in my home, i do not own a gym membership.

For those who dont know HEMA is the study of historical swordsmanship e.g. longsword, rapier, sabre etc. I train mostly in longsword

My Current regime

Monday: Tae Kwon Do Lesson 1 hour: moderate - high intensity depending on wether we are sparring or just doing forms

Tuesday: Weapons 2 hours: low - moderate intensity: low intensity drilling with a 1.5kg long sword or wrestling drills.

Wednesday: Weapons 1 hour 30 mins: low - moderate intensity drilling with longsword 1.5Kg or single handed sword 1kg followed by intense sparring.

Thursday: rest

Friday: HITT rowing 5 min warm up at a slow pace then 15 minutes pulling intensely for 1 minute then resting for 1 minute

Saturday: steady rowing 30 mins at a manageable pace

Sunday: Rest

If anyone could give me any advice or guidance that would be really appreciated. sorry for the length of this post