Weight- 118kg
Height- 176 cm
Age- 27
Goal- loses weight and tone up
Body type-Endomorph
Calories- 2450
Macro- 37% protein, 34% carbs, 29% fats
Training- x3 times a week (weights)- aim to add x2 cardio if possible....

Breakfast- 25g Oats and 25g of whey protein isolate
Lunch- 300g of chicken breast grilled, 100g of brown rice, 100g frozen mixed vegetables, avocado
Pre workout- 25g of whey protein and 25g of oats
Post workout- 25g of whey protein, 30g dextrose, 30g maltodextrin
Dinner -212g grilled beef, 100g of white, 100g frozen mixed vegetables, avocado
Night- 25g cottage cheese, 300ml of semi skimmed milk with 25g of casein protein.