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    Post Been working out again for 8 months need advice is here's my brief story

    So like the title says I started lifting again after 8 years off 8 months ago and I've made some nice gains but would like some suggestions or direction to where I can find info easily to help me reach my real goals. Right now I'm doing 4 day split workout and doing 5x5 on compound lifts and running 2-2.5miles every other day. So I'm wondering how many sets per a workout I should be doing I usually lift 1hr-1.25hr a workout and I'm worried I may be over training for example on chest and triceps day I'm doing flat bench barbell 5x5 then incline dumbell 3x12 then incline machine 3x12 then dips 3x8 then flys 3x12 and then 2-3 triceps exercises all 3x12. I'm starting to plateau but at the same time I'm cutting calories intaking about (1800-2200 a day)and doing more cardio so idk if that is what it is or if there is something else I could be doing to help myself. I got clean off meth in December 2015 and in February 2016 I started working out cause I was gaining mad weight and wanted to do something to help myself also it feels great to workout. I'm 26 years old 6'0 and in December I wieghed 160lbs I went up to 225lbs and I'm currently around 210lbs my goal is to be 190lbs and in shape. I wrestled in highschool and have had 3 major shoulder surgeries and a bad torn hamstring injury but am now pretty well recovered from that. I don't max out but according to max calculators my bench: 240lbs squat: 255lbs deadlift: 275lbs I honestly just started working legs a few months ago I know was wrong to put it off but anyway my goals is by my 1year mark of working out to be able to bench: 275lbs squat:315lbs and deadlift:355lbs and have a body weight of 190lbs any suggestions/direction/help is much appreciated! Thanks

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    Hey brother,

    I know this is from over a year ago. Just wanted to know how things have progressed for you since then?
    Learn about the past to understand the context of the present. While at the same time, build yourself physically so you can take your body where your mind yearns to go. Training shouldn't be the limit of your self-development. It should enhance every aspect of your life. History builds empathy, and that's powerful. That, makes you better fit to perform.

    I also compete in powerlifting and long distance races



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