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    Question Help

    Hey guys, first of all, this is my first post on here so sorry if it is in the wrong place..../

    I am going to start my cutting process from 103Kg to ideally 80Kg (including muscle) but I am unsure as I have seen so much about Macros and mircos and carbs and fats but fats that are good for you etc I am googling about it and one website is telling me something different from another........

    I just want to know your opinions on

    What should I change about my eating ?

    Please don't tell me to go and use the calculator etc as I have tried and I am still very confused....

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    Good, I will go straight to the point. You are 103 kgs and you want to lose weight without compromising your muscles right? Then for every pound of weight, eat 15 carbs. Also, you must continue working out. Cardio, reps are ideal for you. You should also eat enough protein. For every pound of weight, consume 2 grams of protein every day. This should be a long term schedule.



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