Hi everyone!

I'm doing gym for 10 years now, and started to pay attention to proper nutrition quite recently. I've tried several nutrition trackers for a year, and couldn't find a really handy one. Seems that there's no really convenient nutrition trackers for people over 40. I'm now even thinking of making my own. A kind of startup.

It would be great to find those who agree with me, and also would like to find a convenient tracker for people over 40s. If you're interested, could you please answer some questions:
1. Concerning nutrition, are you mostly interested in short-time programs promising quick result, or long-term work to establish proper nutrition habits?
2. Do you know that a considerable share of weaknesses, upsets and ailments can be settled without using any medical treatment, but just by proper nutrition? Do you get such recommendations from your sport instructors, nutritionists or doctors? And how useful are these advices?
3. Do you plan your nutrition to get all necessary proteins, microelements and vitamins from common food, or you prefer to buy special food additives?
4. Are you using any nutrition trackers, which one and how often?
5. Are you planning your ration in a tracker, and for what period of time?
6. Would you value a tracker's feature to compose a list of recommended purchases in a grocery basing on a planned weekly ration?
7. Would you value an option to get individual recommendations from a tracker for choosing this or that food for unplanned or unprepared meal?
8. Could you please indicate the most important missing functions of the modern nutrition trackers:
a. low quality of food databases
b. lack of possibility of proper accounting of sport nutrition, microelements, vitamins
c. too few reports and professional recommendations of their use
d. lack of prepared recommendations for proper nutrition arrangement
e. lack of individual recommendations depending on your physical state, chronicle illnesses etc.

I'd be most grateful for answers and discussion on the topic of modern nutrition trackers.