I know, that is the general sentiment of most. However for some reason I think I am doing just that. I am 47 years old, and seriously started working out 10 years ago when I was 37 and did so 6 years. I cut and bulked as most people do, and saw some great gains. I started with a max bench of 170 and after 6 years I got that up to 375lbs. The other muscle groups for the most part had corresponding gains, and it was nice when I looked in the mirror. I weighed 197lbs and had a 18% body fat (5'6.5). 3 years ago I decided to start nursing school, and than I had to stop working out in order to do it. Well, I got through nursing school and have started lifting again. 2 months ago my max bench had dropped to 210, and now it is at 260. I mention bench press because that is what I saw the most loss on. My curls are just about where they were before, dips, shoulder press etc. I have even done better on my flies than I had at my best a few years ago. All of those things 2 months ago sucked, but have come back up to near where I was when I stopped. The 3 years of lethargy and studying got me up to 213lbs, which is bad. But the odd thing to me is that with all of these gains I have lost 2lbs. Now that is not some huge weight loss , but shouldn't I be gaining weight while I am seeing gains like this? And my body isn't eating muscle, my jeans fit better than they did before. I have done no cardio to explain it, but have watched what I eat more than I did but still eat the occasional pizza.

And quick FYI on healthcare. What I was taught in nursing school about exercise and nutrition is nothing compared to what the people on these boards know. I was taught basic stuff that I already knew, and knew more than my instructor for the most part. Point being just being in healthcare does not make you an expert on a lot of this stuff.