I have just started working out at home.

I bought a cheap new bench (50) a few months back off ebay (Brand: V-Fit-ST )? I was exercising with it today and had my knee on it doing 'Kneeling One Arm Rows' and all of a sudden i felt a blunt nail through the padding dig into my crevice on the right side of my front knee (Extremely painful, there is no mark, but i think there must be internal damage.)

Furthermore, i have also had a treadmill for about 2 years, but i hate using it because it wobbles like hell and it feels flimsy. (Now it was mega-cheap, but still.)

I have learn't my lesson and will avoid unbranded or unknown products in the future.

But are there any particular brands i should look out for when buying home gym equipment in the UK?

(I work out at home due to accessibility and embarrassment(lol), but will go to the gym once slightly developed.)