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    Default New Member with an injury question.

    I am a new member who sought out a few sites like this in hopes of getting some thoughts and advice from people who may have experienced similar issues or possibly know of somebody who has. I will try to keep this as short as possible, but still give enough details. Apologies if this gets somewhat long, but I didn't want to leave out details that may help.

    So, I apparently did something and injured myself..... but I have no idea what I did. I didn't really do anything out of my typical routine, nor did I feel any obvious pain during my workout. Not at all.

    The day after, I felt a sort of... I don't know, maybe "stabbing" soreness in my shoulder and maybe a little in my tricep, both on the right side of my body. By the next time I'd typically workout, I was still sore, but not so much that I thought I couldn't work out (sometimes you just have to work through soreness). Apparently I was wrong. I got through my workout, but I paid for that over the next several days.

    Initially, basically every muscle I'd worked out was very sore on the right side. So much so that I could even sit and play a video game for a couple hours and even that would aggravate it. By the end, I would feel enough soreness that I wound up placing an ice pack on my shoulder for a bit and that helped.

    Within a few days, the soreness started to fade, so I thought all would be good. To be 100% honest, even at its worse, I wouldn't even go as far as to describe it as pain. I would describe it as an extreme soreness at its worse, and it faded from there. I'd still feel a little twinge now and then, but after a couple weeks, I basically felt back to normal and thought I could work out again.

    At that point, moving my arm in various positions, I felt no pain or even soreness at all. So, I went back and tried to workout again. Even during attempting this, I felt absolutely no pain whatsoever....

    However, with my right arm (the problem side) I wasn't able to lift just about anything. As in, I physically could not seem to lift it. My starting exercise is often the chest press, which was what I was trying to do. Again, absolutely no pain involved, I just could not lift it. I'd even use my left hand to try to at least get the right side of the machine up so at least I could get started. For lack of a better way to describe it, my right arm would just "give out." Not suddenly, not violently. It's not like all of a sudden my arm would just crap out and the weights would slam back down. The action almost felt natural and gradual just as it would if I'd put the weights down by choice, it's just that it wasn't by choice. I couldn't keep the weight up.

    I could tell it wasn't too heavy (especially since it was even less than the weight I typically lift since I was trying to ease back in). It was just that my arm wouldn't sustain the position.

    Even so, I experience no pain the entire time. Considering I had started to heal and feel better, I was assuming I'd be okay with some rest and would not need any medical attention at all. In fairness, it has only been two weeks since whatever the heck I did to myself, so maybe I just need more time. But, there is still part of me concerned I did something really bad and either A) will need medical attention/surgery or even worse B) did something terribly bad and may never be able to return.

    Logically, I would think if I'd done anything THAT bad there would be significant pain that wouldn't get better. As I said, even at its worse, it wasn't really all THAT bad. Very sore, sure, but even when it was at its worst state I didn't think it needed anything more than some rest. Even now after trying to workout this weekend (I didn't continue once I could tell I was still having trouble) I'm only very mildly sore.

    Does anybody have thoughts for me? Have you experienced anything like this? Obviously I know you couldn't say for sure without being me or being a doctor and examining me, but based on what I've described, would you think I may be okay just given more time to rest? Do I maybe need to see a doctor?

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    i've experienced similar symptoms in the past. most with pain or soreness, another time as you describe: had no strength in my right tricep area. time healed that one, along with light lifting/ exercise.
    just getting over a recent injury of my left shoulder from a motorcycle fall back in march. had much pain especially when sleeping. my sports medicine doctor suggested mainly stretching every day. after a couple months, still didnt have much change so went for an MRI. that showed no real issues. continued the stretching routine & finally got relief & after months i have just about full range of motion & maybe 70% of my strength back. i've continued to lift weights all this time, but as smart as possible.
    depending on your level of fitness & age, it could take a few months to recover. hope this helps



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