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Thread: Knee pain

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    Default Knee pain

    Hello Im Gigi, I'm new to the forums and somewhat new to working out. I'm 16 years old, 5'4, and I'm skinny fit. I would like to get in better shape for the military, specifically the Marines. However getting in better shape isn't the issue.

    In the past I use to have bonecyst in my legs. Now doctors have told me it doesn't cause pain but I would have terrible aches mainly in my knees.. I don't have bonecyst or aches anymore. However now that I'm working out I found out I have trouble kneeling, squatting, and even doing lunges. Meaning I would have pain and lose balance while trying to do them. I just started to lift weights to see if this strengthens my legs so I would no longer feel pain.
    This just worries me and I'm wondering if this is normal? What is the fastest and best way to strengthen my legs, and is there any supliments I can take to help?

    Thanks for reading this, I really appreciate it!

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    Gigi I think you are worrying yourself for no good reason. It is possible that you will have issues especially in the first few days of working out. But if you remain persistent, you are likely to get into a better shape. Just practice leaning and doing the lunges. I am sure with time, you will be able to do them with ease.



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