I'm a 45 almost 46 yr old bodybuilder/figure competitor (former marathoner) who has now been lifting for 4.5 yrs. I've had an issue w.my lower right side back hurting and pain increasing the past 3 days. My right glute seems to be also having some pain. Both seem to be deep tissue. I did give up doing the leg press about a wk or more ago as i had the same pain for a few days after doing the leg press and that did not seem to resolve the issue. I did do my regular squats, all the way down to the ground, as well as weighted lunges (not walking lunges) this past wk but was ok thereafter. The lower right back pain issue seems to have arose after i did a few hours of walking and the pain subsided a little after i got off my feet. After the few hours of walking my back becomes extremely stiff when i sit down and takes about 5 - 10 mnts to release itself if im sitting against something with a back. About 3 wks ago after a few hours of walking my lower back got stiff then too but was ok after i sat down and released it against something.

Yesterday i really wanted to get a workout in although i had pain the day before. I skipped my 5 mnte warmup and did chest wrkouts and, the pain returned after just into my second set of exercises. So i am not sure this is related to my leg workouts after all.

Yes, i am considering going to see an ortho. I did try using a roller on the glute as well as the lower right back and it eased the uncomfortableness but the pain returned there later. I am unsure if this is a disc or some other back injury. Any input is appreciated. I am going to stay away from the gym for a wk or more as hard as it may be to see if the pain goes away.