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Most of it was achieved through calisthenics with a little bit of weight lifting towards the end (2nd year of training).The entire video documents a little under 2.5 years of training (16-18.5 years old).


Start: 5'11", 125 lbs, 16 years old

End: 6'1", 165 lbs, 18.5 years old



My bulking diet was atrociously unhealthy. I had little concept of the notion of gaining fat. I pretty much believed anything I ate would turn into muscle if I trained hard. As evident from the video I was terribly wrong.


Breakfast: 1-2 Wegmans chocolate chip muffins, 1.5 glasses of milk

Lunch: 4-5 School lunches per day (lol)- Around ~450 calories/lunch.

Dinner: McDonalds, some fast food restaurant or a giant bowl of fried rice with beef and pepper stir fry.


After I got fat, I became far more self-conscious, so I went under the false impression that in order to get lean you have completely cut out fat from your diet (which is complete nonsense btw). So using myfitnesspal, I would track calories and ended up consuming around 2700 calories/day with under 30g of fat (which is extremely unhealthy, do not recommend). That summer, I went to China, where I got extremely sick and barely ate anything (~1500 calories/day). This increased my fat loss exponentially.


The first two years were almost exclusively calisthenics (mostly just pull-ups). I would do a crazy amount of pull-ups every day. Towards the end of the video I was doing 400-500 pull-ups/workout.
Now I incorporate weights into my training. I believe any style of training works well as long as you're hitting large compound movements (pull-ups, push-ups, dips, bench, deadlift etc.).

BTW- The transformation is completely natural. I didn't even take any supplements (even protein powder) my first 1.5-2 years training.


Please feel free to ask me any others questions, and thanks for watching!