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    Default Does the number of plates racked on a barbell matter when lifting?

    Hi everyone,

    I am new in this forum but with quite some experience in weight lifting.

    I would like to ask your opinion on the following matter: Does the number of plates racked on a barbell matter when lifting? In other words is there a difference when loading 2x45 or 3x25+1x10+1x5? In my experience I have the feeling that when more plates are loaded it is feasible to lift 1-2 extra reps. What do you think, both from a mechanics or experience standpoint?

    If there is already such a thread sorry but I missed it. In such case I 'd appreciate if you could give me the link to that thread.

    Best regards

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    gravity sees no difference in combinations that equal the same weight.
    however, loading 3-25s, a 10 & a 5 wont be balanced on a barbell



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