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    Default 4 months Lower Back- Frustrating!

    I'm aware of how common lower Back injuries are and there are many other threads but I'm looking for help to understand exactly what I've done to mine.

    I have pain in my lower back just above the hip and slightly to the left. I first felt it when doing casual sport, however the evening before I was deadlifting so I think that is more likely to be the cause, the lower Back felt very stiff after the deadlifts but no pain until the following afternoon.

    At the beginning it was extremely sore to move at all and I have been to the doctor twice- the first time he gave me ibuprofen and the second time he just said go to a physio.

    I then went to a physio for a few weeks who gave me a stretching regime and massaged the area and performed needling, although this was mainly on the large Back muscle which isn't the root of the pain.

    I am currently with a PT who is a back pain specialist and trying to restore strength and mobility but I still have pain even in the simplest everyday movements like walking- I've also noticed frequent pain when putting the clutch in while driving (this type of movement is painful)

    I'm really frustrated as I can't seem to get an answer to what is even wrong with it- I'm only 18 and have had no problems with my back before and so I hope it's not a disc problem, but it's been nearly 4 months and I thought a muscle strain or pull would have healed by now.

    Any help appreciated.

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    Have you ever seen a Sports Chiropractor. I think an adjustment as well as a diagnostic exam or xray/MRI could be helpful for you. Ive learned a lot from Performance Place Sports Care and Chiropractic Videos podcasts.



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