Hello World

As seen in the title, I'm a Dane, and my English can be a little, cryptic, but I will try to use correct gramma and spelling though my time here on the site.

The basis:
32 year old Male, 182 Centimeters high

Tanita TBF 300 tells me this about my body:
Total Weight: 99,2 KG
Fat mass: 23,6
Fat Free Mass: 75,6

2 Months ago the numbers where a whole other speach:
Total: 99,8 KG
Fat Mass: 19 KG
Fat Free Mass: 80,6 KG

I've been biking a lot on my MTB in May, I did about 637 KM total, and 592 of them where on my MTB, and then it broke down, so I was forced to stay less active, but that will soon change.

As seen, I do a lot of MTB, I do some walks, little running, and then theres Crossfit (Monkeybars and Tractor Tire Flip), and some weight workout in the Gym.

I'm here to learn from others, and lower my fat, increase my muscle structure.

And it's going the right way, my numbers for 5 March 2015 was:
Total: 124,5 KG
Fat Mass: 36,9 KG
Fat Free Mass: 87,6 KG

I'm training so when ever life brings me down, the Hulk in me grows!