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    Default Lower back injury and recovery!

    I have been training now for 3 years and have always seemed to have suffered with lower back pain when performing certain exercises such as squats, deadlift, stiff leg deadlift and bent over rows/t bar rows.
    Then about a week ago I was performing bent over rows with 100kg which I could perform a comfortable 10 reps. I then increased the weight by 10kg and when I picked the bar up and began my first rep I felt something go in my lower back causing me extreme discomfort in which I could barely walk properly. I then went to the hospital and they said I had sprained the tendons and ligaments in my lower back causing me to have time off work and the gym.
    I was just wondering if anyone has any advice for this situation? I don't want to have to give up the main staple exercises such as squats as in already had to take deadlift out of my routine due to the discomfort it causes me. Iv also invested I a weight lifting belt and I know my correct as iv made videos and also had people observe my technique.
    Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
    Current lifts:

    Benchpress - 80kg 8-10 reps
    Deadlifts - 140kg for 7-8 reps
    Squat - 150kg for 6-7 reps

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    Rest for now you will be able to workout after 20-25 days. And avoid doing barbell bent over row it strains lower back way too much.



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