PB & Honey Review

Warm Oats - 2 Servings PB Honey Protein 4 Oats and 1/2 Cup Oatmeal.

Warm oats brings out the PB Flavoring much more then overnight oats. The problem is the honey is diluted in the warm oats mixture. The flavoring tastes very similar to PB Cookie with a subtle honey aftertaste (barley can pick it up). This is the better option while I found with Maple Oatmeal the overnight oats brought out more flavor. This is good, but for the price point of select and getting more protein per serving in regular select I would stick with PB cookie to mix in my oatmeal.

Overnight Oats (1/2 Cup Oats, 6 oz Greek Yogurt and 2 Servings PB Honey Protein 4 Oats) -
The Peanut butter flavor is dulled, and the honey is like a sweet aftertaste. This needs to have a larger kick of Peanut butter to really stay true to its name. The flavoring of the PB is similar to a PB2 or PB lean replica. While its not pure peanut butter tasting it is more sweet peanut butter (think the filling of a buckeye). One thing I did not like is there is no saltiness to it (which would enhance the honey and peanut butter aspect) like if you get peanut butter right from a smuckers jar. The salt helps enhance the flavor which I did not pick up when mixing these two together.