Hey all!

So I wanted to know some thoughts on conditioning as I am training to become an LEO. My training is geared towards getting my mind and body as fit as possible to consider myself academy ready. Im not worried about the standard PAT during application process.

With that said, I love bodyweight training, enjoy DB training, and work out at home.

Equipment I have - DBs, Kettlebell, resistance bands, weighted vest, dip bar and pullup/pushup bars.

My current training method is this.

M and F -

20 minutes - AMRAP (rounds) with 10-20 reps each exercise of:

Squats, Push ups (variations), Sit ups.

W -

HIIT workout - I have checked out a few from Funk Roberts. I like his variety and looking to try one of them out.

T and Thurs -

Run 1-1.5 miles.

Back in May this year, I suffered an injury which was a partial distal bicep tear. It set me back two months and after released from physical therapy I was back at bodyweight from scratch. For awhile I was mixing BW with DB work. So far so good. No discomfort and progressing slowly. During my injury time, I did not run so I am starting all over again.

I guess what I am looking for is some feedback regarding the way I mapped out this current routine. What type of routine I should consider or if any additions to my routine I may want to pursue.

MMA style HIIT conditioning and those types of sports seem to fall in line with police work. It toughens you mentally and pushes limits.

If youre wondering - I cannot do pull up/chin ups My arm is still not strong enough for that just yet to handle. I can manage australian style, but not for many reps. My forearm from grip and the current weakness in that arm fatigues fairly quickly with that exercise.

Looking forward to some comments. Trying to keep my routine simple, yet effective. Sometimes very basic exercises over time can give great results.