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    Post Correct Way to Work Rotator Cuff Muscles

    Too many weight lifters i have encountered in my years of being a personal trainer who have attempted to strengthen their rotator cuffs but ended up just doing an isometric bicep hold as i demonstrated in the beginning of this tutorial. So i thought it would be a good idea to explain why that exercise doesn't work as you think it does and give you variations that actually activate the intended muscles.

    Rotator Cuffs are the deep muscles located beneath your superficial muscles of your upper back as well as shoulders and are responsible for alot of the stabilization in your shoulder girdle and joint. It comes into play during bench press, rows, deadlifts, push ups and basically any upper body involved exercise. So it is important to keep them strong and healthy or in the case of injury to rehab properly.

    This video will focus on resistance band and dumbbell variations that you can implement yourself!

    If you like this tutorial make sure to like, comment and subscribe down below so you can view the weekly fitness, tips tutorials and discussions!

    If you feel like i left something out or need further clarification on constructive criticism is always welcomed!
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