Welcome and Happy New Year to everyone! I thought to start this year of with a tutorial that is going to be helpful for all the fresh faces to fitness and grizzled vets alike coming into the gym looking for those GAINS! Bench Press is the go to exercise to build up your chest and upper body strength but if you aren't doing it correctly you will be cutting yourself short on some much-needed progress!

Everything is important from breathing, hand placement, foot placement, elbow placement, ROM (range of motion) to the way you would or in some cases wouldn't arch your back during a bench.

Although physical therapists or purest might lean to having no arch others in the power lifting or bodybuilding community would argue for the back arch. This tutorial will go over the way to do arch back bench press but also present the benefit of flat back bench and who should take advantage of this variation!

If you have an outlook of your own or would like some clarification comment down below and i will get back to you!

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