Besides being a great exercise for your legs Goblet Squats can also be used to improve your body weight or weighted squat form. If you drop your chest during a squat, or tend to fall back from a lack of balance because you cant find where your center of mass lies. If you tend to arch your back or having trouble getting to 90 degree squats a goblet squat can be of great assistance.

It will first of all force your core to engage the way it is meant to during any squat, because of the weight pulling you forward and down you will be forced to keep your chest up and keep you balanced if you go too far back on your heels, acting as a counter weight!

I'm not a bodybuilder or a power lifter by any stretch of the imagination but i have utilized this exercise with many of my clients as a personal trainer in the past 4 years and i found it to be a very useful tactic i thought id share to all the new fitness enthusiast and veterans alike because we all can improve our form!

If there is a specific tutorial you'd like to see, make sure to let me know down below!