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    Default Lose the fat and weight

    Hi everyone I am 24 years old 5'9 at 196lbs.
    I am looking to lose the fat around my mid section and not sacrifice strength. I know diet is key, my problem is I just always want to eat. Basically looking for a good recommend thermogenic or appetite suppressant, or if anyone has any other tricks to help resist cravings. I just started jym "shred" and will be waiting to see how it effects me in 2 weeks.
    Also did a bf% machine at a local totalnutrition and read my bf% around 21%. Goal is to be 16% at 190lbs. Picture is post workout and flexed/tightened.

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    Hey Josh,

    Hope you're making progress with meeting your weight loss goals! One thing that I believe can really help to resist cravings is simply not keeping any snacks in your house. If you really want a snack, make yourself have to go, preferably by running or riding a bike, to the store and get it.

    Also, one thing that I believe can really help is substituting running with jumping rope. Jumping rope has been proven to burn more calories than running when applied at the same intensity level and same amount of time! If you can do both, then even better.



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