Man Sports Mystery Iso-Amino


Mystery – Man Sports Mystery flavor resembles airheads candy. Airheads are chewy taffy based candy that packs a variety of flavors (16). What I do like about Iso-Amino is the flavoring is not overbearing, but surprisingly refreshing. The flavor of “White Mystery” is always a highly debated topic (hence the name), but I found it the perfect combination of sweet and sour. You get the best of both worlds as the initial flavoring tastes like a sweet white cherry. After your taste buds get smothered with a sweet flavor I found the after taste hinted at a sour white apple. While this was a very unique flavor it could be hit or miss depending on the consumer. I personally enjoyed this one and would put it up there with Sour Nukes, Dorks, & Rainbow sherbet as my favorites.


Man Sports Iso-Amino is a very fine powder, therefore it mixes very easy. When the powder starts to touch the water it will soon dissolve. Even with a few shakes in any shaker bottle this will start mixing with ease. Most amino-based products settle easy, and this leaves no clumps in your shaker cup.


MAN Sports is extremly basic as an amino based product.
5g of BCAA's per serving is all you get.
2.5g Leucine
1.25g Valine
1.25g Isoleucine


MAN Sports Iso-Amino retails around $20. If you look you can get it for as cheap as $15-17 for 30 servings. Averaging 60 Cents a serving that is a good deal for a basic BCAA product. The flavoring of MAN Sports is overlooked. Not only are their flavors on point, they are very bold, dense, and live right up to the name on the label. This is a limited edition flavor that only produces 100 units per year.