Hi all,
I'm for any advice regarding supplements, diet and training. I'm 27 years old, 5-11, about 175 lbs and based on a visual guess, about 18-20% body fat. I have more difficulty keeping weight off than I do gaining. Outside of the gym, I'm a pretty sedentary person, I walk maybe 1-2 miles/day on average. I've been steadily lifting 2-3 days/week about 2-3 months now and have seen gains, but want to get more consistent with training, supplements, and my diet.

My overall goal is to shed about 8-10 pounds of fat (get down to 12-14% BF) while adding on 5-6 pounds of muscle. Hoping to be close to this goal within 2 months, but more than anything I just want to come up with a solid plan and see results, even if it'll take longer than that.

Right now the tentative plan I have in place is:

-Lifting 3 days on, 1 day off.

-Each day of lifting, focus on 1-2 muscle groups (day 1: back/biceps, day 2: chest/tris/shoulders, day 3: legs).
Complete 3-4 exercises per muscle group with 3-4 sets of 7-10 reps.
Leg day will have 5-6 different exercises with 3-4 sets of 7-10 reps.

-At the end of each lifting session, complete a sprint cycle on a treadmill or elliptical. 30 seconds full sprint, 30 second recovery, repeat for a total of 10 minutes (5 min full sprint, 5 min resting/walking)

-Supplement wise, I'm starting with 25mg of cardarine daily to try and jumpstart the fat burning process. Today was the first day. Each workout I also will have a 25g whey protein shake after working out. No other supplements right now, but open to any suggestions.

-Diet wise: lots of eggs, vegetables, lean chicken/pork/turkey, some cheese, protein smoothies (broc****/frozen berries/flax seed/scoop of protein powder/almond milk), greek yogurt based tuna salad and egg salad, green tea, diet soda, fiber and vitamin c gummies for my sweet fix, and high fiber/high protein whole grain toast. Avoiding high sugar fruits, most starches, anything breaded or fried.

Right now, my plan is to keep calories at about 1900/day with approx. 200g of protein. Trying to keep carbs to a minimum, but realistically I know I'll have have a cheat meal probably once a week and will go above the 1900 threshold on certain days. If calories seem way too low to gain any muscle, please let me know a baseline number you'd suggest.

I'm a newbie with a lot of this, so looking for any feedback/critiques on any of these spots.

My main questions are:
1. Does my training schedule and reps/set seem like a good amount for making solid gains?
2. Should I be doing more/less cardio?
3. What other supplements would you suggest? Not interested in anything that has a big effect on hormones or can create mood swings.
4. Dietwise--any target number for calories and amount of proteins/fats/carbs based on my current size and goals?