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    Default Confused about timing the meals and supplements.

    So i have read that if I want to gain muscle I have to eat 15 minutes after a workout, and take whey protein as soon as I finish the workout. I always start working out my chest, because it is the first part I want to get bigger and if I leave it for last, my arms are too tired and I can't lift s**t.

    I am usually 75/90 minutes in the gym, so if I eat 15 minutes after I finished my training, I would be eating like 90 minutes after I finished working out my chest (instead of 15). Same thing with the supplements... will this make less effective the training to my chest?? will all the advantages of eating after workout apply only to the parts of my body that I exercise last?

    thank you

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    Hi jorge88!

    As a strength and fitness coach, here are my thoughts.

    Nutrient timing isn't as big a deal as the bodybuilding community tends to make it. It's true that having a protein shake soon after a workout will help give your body what it needs for reparation, protein synthesis and hypertrophy (muscle growth), but I wouldn't worry too much about losing chest gains by not getting your protein soon enough. I've been lifting for 10 years, taking protein 10-15 minutes after workouts, and haven't found my gains are any less than when I first started lifting and would drink a mid-workout shake in addition to my post workout meal. If you're really concerned about this, try breaking up your workouts into two segments, perhaps in the morning and at night, and take a scoop of whey protein after each. I hope this helps!



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