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Thread: Best Program?

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    Default Best Program?

    Hey, so I'm an 18 year old and I have about 15 months of lifting experience, but more if I include the lifting during football and basketball and stuff, but recently with my high school athletic career coming to an end, I have started to look at powerlifting as something to possibly do more in the future. I seem to be past the point of a ss program, and I recently started looking at the sheiko program, and I was wondering if that would be considered an adequate program for someone my age (I'm just shy of a 1000 pound total @225lbs)

    Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated!

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    I’d advise a Westside variation. Sheiko is brutal for anyone, but especially for someone with so little experience. I’d revisit it after you’ve got a solid 5 years under your belt and legit can’t make any more gains from a conjugate set up.
    Donít chase the 1%, there is no magic training routine or diet thatís going to provide any measurable results over the basic principles for getting huge and strong: Train heavy, eat and sleep more.



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