Hi. I need advice for strength training. I only have one day of the week available.

I have a couple of chronic injuries: 1) Rotator cuff injury (right shoulder), 2) Tendonitis (left knee), 3) Posterior shin splints (right tibial).

I'm 40yo and I consciously decided to stay injury-free this year, so I've been training with the following program:

4 days of mountain biking, 2 days of running and 1 day off. I've been missing a lot hitting the gym and working with iron.

Mondays are for street Running in hard surfaces. Sometimes my personal trainer advices me to do intervals, fartleks, other times long distances.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are for mountain biking with my training group. Drills, technique and cardio.

Fridays are for trail running. Lots of climbing, intervals or low-pace running.

On Saturdays is when we complete long-distances biking with my group.

Sundays I mostly do recovery work, light biking that leave me rest and ready to face the upcoming week. It's also the day on which I clean and lube my bike and work in its setup or mechanical fixes.

That leaves me with Wednesday as the free day for incorporate strength training. I'm thinking in staying at home performing bodyweight exercises instead of paying a gym for just one day.

I need advice for a workout, of course it needs to be a full-body workout plan, and I need to target upper body as well as strengthen my legs and core muscles.

I have 90 minutes to spare. So I was thinking in mostly compound exercises and something like this:

4x Bench press (push ups, bodyweight exercises)
2x Flyes

4x Rows (bodyweight, pull ups)
2x Lower back

2x Lateral raises
2x Front raises
I can't perform military presses or over the head exercises due to my rotator cuff injury.

2x One-legged squat
4x Lunges
2x One-legged Deadlift (bodyweight variation)

2x Biceps
2x Triceps

2x Planks
1x Upper abs
1x Lower abs

Goals: the usual, loose fat, general strength, muscular tone.
Any input will be welcome. Thank you!