Hello. So I've been working out my butt for a year now. I definitely like what I see. It's ok. But I want more so I am still exercising. I do home workout and I add weights. But it seems that whenever I complete one exercise, it's very hard for me to do the next one because my butt gets so tired I just feel the bubble effect in my butt when I am doing the next exercise, and trust me, I wait long enough to start the next exercise. And so this has lead me into separating my butt exercise. I do 2 sets of 1 minute of both each fire hydrant and fire hydrant kicks. And then I do butt bridges with abduction with two weights, 2 sets of 15 reps. Then in the evening I do butt bridges again with donkey kicks( where I really feel the bubble effect in my butt). First of all are my exercises ok and please suggest any help. By the way I do not do squats or lunges because I never feel them in my butt and I have knocked knees too. Thank you.