Hello everyone. Im new to everything that has to do with fat loss and muscle building. I have changed my eating habbits totally 3 weeks ago, from pasta, rise, cheese, pizza, hamburgers, countless amount of chocolate and snacks and soda drinks - to 3 meals a day, 1 fruit in between (ocasionally) and water only. My daily meals examples: for breakfest i usually eat thon, eggs and salad mixed with tomato and cucambers (sometimes avocado instead of salad). My lunch is usually crepes made of buckwheat with different recepies, barely ever cheese and pork but more eggplant recepies and other veges, a bowl of salad as well (im a crepes cook in a restaurants). And in the evening i almost always have a lentil soup mixed with many veges (no potatos but sweet potatos instead). From time to time i break and let the sinner in me eat pasta or pizza but it didnt happen more than once per week up until now. Im 182cm tall and 3 weeks ago my weight was 90.1kg. Now 3 weeks later and im 86.5kg. I have a program on my phone called "home workout" and i do 3 of their programs for abs, chest and arms on a daily basis in the morning. I happen to walk at least 40 minutes every afternoon. My body started to feel much stiffer, my abs are relatively hard and my chest began to feel differently on its higher parts. Most of my fat is concentrated in the stomach and even though i feel much better today than 3 weeks ago, even though i have lost some weight, i still cant seem to see the difference with my stomach. Any tips will be very appreciated. Thank you guys and have a great week.