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    Default What workout & diet routine should I follow. pics in description!

    i want a body like this

    my body current is

    my goal is to not get too big, just lean and definition and abs.

    for reference i'm 511 about 172 pounds.

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    Hello reaching my goal,
    I have had a chance to look at the pics, and I can say that you are not badly off. However, there are things you can still do to attain your desired shape. First, you need to identify exercises that can target the areas you want to grow or slim. Note that you must also incorporate enough rest after every activity. Also, eating the right foods is mandatory. Foods that rich in protein and those loaded with healthy fats are recommended. In addition, you need to eat fiber-rich carbohydrates and plenty of vitamins. Ensure that you schedule your exercises well and have enough rest time to help your muscles to grow. Eating foods such as Greek yogurt, chicken breast, lean beef, soybeans, and tuna will help you achieve your goals.



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