Nutrabio EAA Energy Review


Cherry Limeade Cherry Limeade is a flavor that does not get enough love on the supplement market. From the first sip you get a surge of a bold cherry flavor and refreshing limeade after taste. The way both flavors compliment each other is absolutely perfect. The density of the tart cherry and the sweetness of the limeade is incredibly refreshing. Nutrabio knocked this one out of the park and surpasses Cellucor for the king Cherry Limeade flavor on the market.

I used 14-16 oz. of water and 1 scoop to mix the intra-workout. Usually with a larger scoop size there is a higher possibility of clumping and particles floating around after shaking. There was no foaming or issues with mixing the product. After 10 shakes this was totally dissolved. Nutrabio is very good with Mixability across the board on all of their products.


Per Scoop:
~8g BCAA/EAA Blend
1.2g Taurine (Hydration/Electrolyte Balance, Regulates immune system & antioxidant function)
600mg L-Alanine (Recovery, Performance)
500mg Coconut Water Powder (Hydration)
100mg Infinergy (Di Caffeine Malate) ~ yielding 75mg Caffeine for sustained release
79mg PurCaf Organic Caffeine Coffee Beans yielding 75mg Caffeine
50mg Astragin (Amino Acid/Ingredient Uptake)

Nuttrabio is famous for transparent formulas. This is just another great product that has a very well dosed ingredient profile. The energy this brings is very smooth and is a perfect replacement for a coffee in the morning, or an afternoon energy drink for a get me up. If you do not take a pre-workout this would be perfect to sip on during training. You could stack this with their non-stim pre-workout and drink this intra-workout as a killer 1-2 stack.

This will be releasing around the Olympia of 2018. At the current moment I do not have any information in regards to pricing. Given the promotion and collaboration with Bodybuilding there should be some great intro sales when the product does launch.